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Bails are Included with all Gold and Silver Bezels

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Manufacturers of coin bezels and other fine coin jewelry for worldwide coins. We offer a wide variety of coin jewelry including 14K Gold Coin Bezels, Sterling Silver Coin Bezels, Screw Top Bezels, Coin Earrings, Necklaces, Rings and many others. Please select from the menu above.

Custom Coin Jewelry information available upon inquiry.

Sterling Silver Plain
14k Gold Plain 14k Gold Filigree

14 k Gold Rope Chains
Sterling Silver Rope Chains

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Bails are Included with all Gold and Silver Bezels

American Beauty
14k Gold Bezel
14k Gold Bezels
American Beauty
High Polished Plain
Greek Key
Filigree Sterling
Silver Bezel
Sterling Silver Bezels
Diamond Cut
Plain Silver
Greek Key

Screwtop Rope
14k Gold Coin Bezel
Screw Top Bezels
14k Gold Screwtop Bezels
Sterling Silver Screwtop Bezels
Gold Filled Screwtop Bezels

14k Gold Coin Cuff Links
Coin Cufflinks
14k Gold
Sterling Silver

Lever Back 14k Gold Earrings
14k Gold Coin Earrings
Lever Back
Omega Back

Nugget 14k Gold
Coin Ring
14k Gold Coin Rings
American Eagle
Solid 14k Gold
Style R (Steps)


Nugget 14k Gold Coin Rings"American Beauty" 14k Gold Coin BezelsLever Back 14k Gold Coin EarringsAmerican Eagle 14k Gold Rings
High Polished 14k Gold Coin Bezels Sterling Silver Screw Top Coin BezelsSolid 14k Gold Coin RingsOmega Back 14k Gold Coin Earrings
Filigree 14k Gold Coin BezelsGreek Key 14k Gold Coin BezelsHorseshoe 14k Gold Coin BezelsOctagon 14k Gold Coin Bezels
Rope 14k Gold Coin BezelsSweethearts 14k Gold Coin BezelsTeardrop 14k Gold Coin BezelsDiamond Cut Silver Coin Bezels
Sterling Silver Coin BezelsFiligree Silver Coin BezelsGreek Key Silver Coin BezelsOctagon Silver Coin Bezels
Teardrop Silver Coin Bezels